Mmmm, yes, thoughts.

Henlo and welcome to my diary: one (eventually) big, long, continuous page, documenting the stuff that happens in my life that doesn't quite need a whole blog post!

I've done stuff >:) Thu, 17 Aug 23

I intended to update this so much more regularly but oh well. The past week has been practically nothing but stressful, and I still have to wait out some more stuff before I can get comfortable again. But today I left the house and went for a walk. I went into a bookshop, and a takeway shop, and bought a chocolate milkshake all on my own, without panicking!!!

I'm still in the process of editing a stream from a while ago, I got maybe two more minutes edited today?? There's still about an hour of footage to edit down though... Might do some smol stuff for the site, and then I have to go to work :/

Speaking of website stuff, I'm considering starting an rss feed, or possible a few of them for different things??? Not sure how that'll go but you'll know about it when you see it!

Henlo!! :3 Tue, 1 Aug 23

Ok so this entry is mostly a test, but while I'm here I might as well tell you about what I've done so far today!

I made the decision to delete my instagram and tiktok! I've never posted to tiktok (which is why I've never linked it anywhere), it was only ever to watch other peoples stuff, but I never really got too much out of it so that wasn't too hard to get rid of. Instagram also wasn't too hard, because I haven't posted there in ages, and when I think about it, it was about as useful as tiktok was anyway. The only thing left for me to delete is twitter, but that might stay up for a bit longer since I just posted some stuff, and I want at least a few people to see it before I vanish.

Anyway, when I do my next entry I'm not sure if I want it to be like my updates page with thte most recent at the top, or go oldest at the top? We'll see I guess. I'm off to go have a shower :P