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Before You Interact !!

Just some information that may be important to know before browsing my site!

Age Rating and Related Things

I want to make sure the people who view my site are safe while they are here so I advise that you are at least 14 years of age to browse my site. There shouldn't be anything on my site that I wouldn't be comfortable having 14 year old me see, but please remember: I am not a minor, and I do not make my site for minors. I have no intention to censor myself in order to make my site 'more appropriate', however I am generally a pretty PG kinda person so there really isn't much to censor in the first place.

Content Warnings + Accessibility

You should not find any form of disturbing, upsetting or triggering content on my site, and if ever I were to post something like this, I will give a warning in a place that doesn't allow someone to stumble upon it by accident. I am open to people suggesting warnings for me to add to my site, however, depending on the specificity of a suggestion, I may not be able to accommodate everyone's needs.

I try to keep accessibility in the back of my mind while I make this site. I am aware this site is far from being truly accessible, and I will continue to work to learn how to increase accessibility. If you have any issues browsing my site, let me know!!

As you may have noticed, this site does contain autoplaying gifs but I do take care to ensure it does not contain any fast flashing or moving images, text or video. In the case this may be present, it will clearly be labeled before one can accidentally stumble upon it

Keep in mind I am queer, and use the word queer uncensored and without warning! If this is an issue for you I advise you either do not browse my site or you browse with caution. I understand the word queer can be used in a negative manner against people, however I choose to, and encourage others to, reclaim it and use it in a positive way.

Fun Facts! (but also more accessibility stuff)

My site, to my knowledge, should work on most browsers and on most devices. I build my site on a 1920 x 1080 monitor in firefox, you may have a slightly different experience when you view in a different browser. My site is mobile friendly, however it is made with the intention of being viewed on a computer. I have removed some decorative content from the mobile version so it functions well, but still looks nice, however, mobile viewers still have access to all the important content of my site!!!

My site has a light and dark mode!! This is dependent on your browser's settings as I currently haven't been able to incorperate a toggle switch.

My Thoughts On Using My Code

Before I get into my own personal feelings about this, I want to make clear something for anyone who might be new to coding a website: Taking other people's code is VERY frowned upon! Induviduals spend hours, days, YEARS working on their sites to make it their own, and to have it stolen from them is an inconsiderate and insulting act. So whoevers site you are on: please always assume that they don't want their code stolen. I do not say this to make other site owners look mean or unkind, in comparison to myself or others, for not sharing their code. These people have every right to be protective of their creations. They are not 'gatekeeping their knowledge', they're protecting their art from thieves.

However, some website owners will be okay with people taking inspiration from their sites, or maybe even with people taking small snippets of their code out to be used on your own site! It's also good to keep an eye out for people who actually make code, specifically to give out to people to use!

As for my code, you may take inspiration from my site as you please. If you inspect my code, you can even see where I've taken code from other people! You may copy paste from my code, but I would prefer that whatever you make with it isn't instantly recognisable as my own site. And of course if you're having trouble with coding, feel free to contact me with any questions you have! I would be much more comfortable with you taking my code if I've been able to teach it to you myself, after all, I've given my friends code to copy paste, but only after I showed them how to write it themselves! (Just remember I'm my own person with a whole life going on in the background, I want people to be comfortable asking me for help, but you may also need to be patient with me and my responding back. Website building is only a hobby of mine after all!)

Thank you for reading! Return home?