scftst4rs <3

Updates !!

A (mostly) complete list of updates to this website. The site changing so much over time sometimes leaves older updates no longer present on my site. Updates may be added/removed/edited at a later date (just to keep things organised and such).

11 Dec 23

- Updated site button. If you're hotlinking my button it will update automatically, but if you've saved it, this is your notice to get the new one!
- Fixed responsivness issues on blog page

8 Dec 23

- Added coloured text and favicons to index to make it look a little more busy
- Reintroduced archive page
- Updated heading font

12 Nov 23  v3.0???

Major site update (again, again). Some chages include:
- Now viewable on mobile!
- Added dark/light mode
- Removed some pages that were becoming too overwhelming to maintain, or that I just didn't like

21 Aug 23

I'm getting behind on my updates again whoops, but here's a few recent ones:
- added a new ad banner
- made some aesthetic changes to the site
- added new section to the bottom of home page. currently it only contains a to-do list
- re-added the clock to the home page
- added more info to the about page

1 Aug 23

- updated button wall
- made additions and changes to blog page

30 Jul 23

I think I've missed adding some updates, but anyway, here are the ones I just made:

- added an 'ad banner' to the home page. The sizing needs work, but I want to make multiple banners that cycle every so often. Of course none of them will be actual ads, they're intended to be a little silly and just add to the aesthetic.
- fixed sizing issues with notice box on home page.
- added 'aliases' section on webmaster page to display some of my other usernames + nicknames.


The entire site has had another aesthetic change, as I'm writting this I realise the last theme only lasted maybe two months?? Hopefully this theme will last longer, and I can finally get into actually posting stuff :D

There may be small issues with the site for a while as I find and patch issues I didnt catch previously, or were created when I uploaded everything. Feel free to let me know of any issues you spot! Also, aside from issues, I have left a lot of things unfinished, if a button doesn't take you anywhere, this might be deliberate, if it takes you to a "not found" page though, then that might be a reason to contact me if you feel comfortable.

Thank you for all your help and support, and I hope you continue enjoying your time here on scftst4rs! :D

6 Jul 23  Footer

Added footer to most pages, it currently contains the links to my youtube and twitch amongst some other things if you're interested in looking at those >:)

5 Jul 23  Site Button!!

Small changes to home page, added more buttons, added own site button!

4 Jul 23  Blog Update

Blog page has been updated to make it easier to link posts. Code and layout is still incredibly messy, so it'll probably need updating again later :')

29 Jun 23

Adjusted site info so it now all displays in the info centre on the home page. About page is now reserved for webmaster info.

Added people's site buttons to home page.

23 Jun 23  Site View Counter

Replaced website counters:
 - Hit counter is now more accurate
 - 'Currently viewing' stat replaced with date of most recent site update

Added titles to some updates.

13 Jun 23  Blog Page

Site now has a blog page. Currently no entries, but hopefully I'll get in the habit of updating it somewhat regualarly...

29 May 23  Chatbox! >:)

Site now has a chatbox! You can find it on the home page :D

28 May 23

Removed the landing page. The home page is now the first page you see when opening up the site.

Made a new style sheet in the hopes of making a light mode/dark mode switch, but I've spent hours trying different methods and none will work. From examples I've seen on neocities, I'm probably going about it the wrong way. Idk I'll have to keep working on it :(

I haven't been able to make the updates I've been wanting to on this site for a while now, because each thing I try to do doesn't work, which is starting to become quite a bit discouraging. Maybe I'm being too ambitious, but I'd really like something to work for me soon :/

21 May 23

Made some aesthetic changes, mostly on the home page but on this and the about page aswell.

Added a site viewer count. No idea if it's gonna work correctly, but even if it doesn't, it fills out some space on the home page nicely untill I fix it, or find something to replace it.

19 May 23  Time and Date Display

Site now has a live time and date display!

The dots on the clock were intended to flash on and off each second because I liked how it added more movement to the page. But because the white space character I needed wouldn't load correctly, I had to use the wrong sized character. This would cause the clock to skrink and expand as the dots disappeared and then reappeared. I have tried for hours to prevent this, and absolutely nothing has worked.

Until I find a way around this I've left the clock unanimated.

16 May 23  SITE OVERHAUL >:)

I've continued to do lots of work offline. I've finally uploaded all my work, which was a pain because there are literally so many folders and files that I had to upload, one by one, then adjust so they'd display correctly, but we got there :')

Theme/layout (idk what word would be more appropriate??) change!

Added a layout archive page

8 May 23  Major Updates Coming Soon!!

Done lots of things offline, not sure how much of it I'll post later because it invloves a complete change of my layout, but if I change it now, I'll keep changing it every 2 weeks or so because I need the ~novelty~.

Changed fonts (might chage them again later, finding it hard to read ;-;).

Sidebar is now an iframe bc I'm lazy and wanted to get it out of the way before I add more pages.

Changed site icon up in the tab, website is now 100% my original work baby! (minus some gifs + images of characters I might post later down the line)

4 May 23  Sidebar

I finally got the side bar to work!!!! I genuinely cannot explain to you why it was so hard to make but I've done it now! Hopefully I've laid it out well enough that any future edits I make to it won't break it.

Made a to-do list on the home page.

3 May 23

Realised I should've been using class for most things rather than id. I already knew one was more flexible than the other but couldn't remember what one, and rather than googling it, I kept using id since it hadn't yet caused me any issues. Anyway, I've replaced most of my id's with class and edited the css to go with it, so hopefully that'll be easier to work with moving forward.

Made site updates a seperate page >:)

Begun making my own gifs!

2 May 23  New Name!!

I've changed my username because I've never really liked the other one. I'm aware it messes up search engines but I'm honestly not too bothered by it. Today I intend to see what changes that makes and if the old username still appears anywhere, and then re-do the graphics on the site so they no longer display the old name. Although, I'm not sure if I want the new graphics to also share the site/username. I don't know, I'll learn soon enough what names display where.

23 Apr 23

This isnt as broken looking as I remeber it being. Sudden burst of motivation going to bed last night. Hoping to restart the whole site over when I next get the chance...

Edit: Made everything look all nice and hopefully fixed all the broken bits. I plan on coming back and adding more to this site very soon.

8 Jul 22

Guess who hasn't checked in for a month and forgot everything they'd learnt... Tried to line some stuff up better but have broken some things, so sorry about that, hopefully I'll come back and fix that later 0-0

3 Jun 22

Developed some kind of layout??

2 Jun 22

Made website: Welcome to Faer Is Confused scftst4rs :D